About Greek’s Nutritional Tradition

Greek Nutrition:
Longevity never tasted better!

Mediterranean cuisine is one of the healthiest in the world. Greece is not only part of the big family of Mediterranean cuisines but is also proud to belong to one of the world’s five blue zones.


What are the Blue zones? Well, it’s a concept identifying a geographic area of the world where people live measurably longer lives. The Greek island of Ikaria is one of these places and its people say the healthy diet is one of the secrets to their longevity!

Another Greek island, Crete, has been the subject of extensive research to explain the benefits of Mediterranean diet in eliminating cardiovascular problems but also to explain the island’s surprisingly low mortality rate.

So…what’s the taste of longevity?

Well, healthy food is delicious in Greece. It’s not all about salads and fruits although we eat lots of those too, sometimes in the form of sweet preserves and jams (preferably with pure honey and no preservatives or chemical additives).

The geographic location of Greece and the country’s long history allows its cuisine to adopt the best ingredients and cooking techniques from its neighbours to the East and West. You will find amazing pasta and rice dishes in a traditional Greek lunch are usually garnished with sauces that include yummy spices and/or fruits. This was inherited from the Ottoman Empire. The Greeks also lived in areas of Minor Asia, Istanbul and Egypt. Likewise, we love to share our meze dishes with our friends, accompanied by Greek wine, ouzo or tsipouro.

Even though vegetarianism is still in its very first steps in Greece, we consume plenty of pulses, olives and olive oil, which can add taste to any vegetarian meal. Additionally, many vegetarians or people who want to reduce their meat consumption would love our mushroom products; from mushroom soups to mushroom rice pilaf or mushroom couscous.

A further meat-free but delicious option we offer -and often eat in Greece- are the frumenties. The frumenties were a traditional way to store pasta with Mediterranean vegetables and yoghurt or milk for the winter. In some villages they are still produced in the traditional way. We source frumenties produced with the traditional recipes and the purest ingredients just for you. You can taste either the ones with Greek yoghurt or spicy ones without milk products.

In our recipes section you can find plenty of tasty ideas to start eating like a Mediterranean!

Our sunny beaches might still be thousands of miles away but we bring their taste to Yorkshire and the rest of the UK!