Why Agrimon?

  • We offer premium products from small and medium producers who love what they do!
  • Agrimon has implemented ISO 22000, which is a widely trusted and recognised quality management system (standards developed by the International Organization for Standardization regarding food safety).
  • We are more than happy to offer free marketing ideas as well as an introduction to serving specialty Greek food to our wholesale customers with a view to adding further value to your business. 
  • We offer the highest product traceability (quality assurance system). We literally know where each package is, from production to consumption.
  • We do our best to offer you a rich range of Greek specialty food. For this reason, our products are different and often unique.
  • We aim to offer different products for our vegetarian customers and for all those trying to adopt a healthier way of eating!
  • We offer free recipes and health tips which we plan to update soon!