About our Label

More than a label: A piece of history!

Drachma: ancient Greek currency unit

What does the coin
in our labels symbolise?

A symbol of Greek trade &
premium traditional
agricultural goods decorates
our labels!

Greece has an ancient tradition when it comes to agriculture and trade. Written sources of Homer and Hesiod confirm the existence of Greek trade (emporia) and merchants (emporoi) from the 8th century BCE. Traded goods exported from Ancient Greece ranged from wine, olives and olive oil to marble and emery.

Our Greek premises are located in the county of Serres, North Greece, so we chose an ancient coin of our area to represent this deep knowledge of Greece's farming and agriculture, as well as international trade. The coin is a tetradrachm, which means 4 drachmas (drachma being the ancient Greek currency unit).

Many of our food products are produced in the area around Paggaio Mountain. Many ingredients come from this area too.

This silver tetradrachm is from the Chalkis era (600 BC) and it was found in the fertile region of Northwest Paggaio Mountain, named Visaltia. Visaltia is a territory in Serres, where the great ancient city of “Amphipolis” is located. Paggaio Mountain had the greatest ancient gold mines and “Amphipolis” was the ancient treasury of Greece.

As you can see Agrimon sources its knowledge of agricultural products from a long tradition!
We aim to continue this long tradition of trading premium Greek food products using modern techniques and practices.